Punch-Party Drinks

Drink Name Alcohol Served In
5-Ball Yes N/A
Adam Bomb Yes Margarita/Coupette glass
After Party Yes Punch bowl
Aftershock Yes N/A
Aggie Punch Yes Mason jar
Aloha Fruit punch No N/A
Amaretto Sweet & Sour Yes Margarita/Coupette glass
Antifreeze #2 Yes Whiskey sour glass
Apple Cider Punch #1 No N/A
Apple Cider Punch #2 No Punch bowl
Apple Grande Yes N/A
Apricot punch Yes Punch bowl
Arctic Fish Yes Beer pilsner
Arctic Mouthwash Yes Cocktail glass
Arkansas Buttermilk Yes Mason jar
Artillery Punch Yes Punch bowl
Aztec Punch Yes Punch bowl
Back-up Goalie Yes Punch bowl
Bahama Mama #2 Yes Hurricane glass
Bahama Mama Sunrise Yes Highball glass
Bahamas Rum Punch Yes N/A
Bald Pussy Yes Highball glass
Ball Of Fun Yes Punch bowl
Banana Cream Pi Yes Hurricane glass
Banana Punch #2 No Punch bowl
Banana Slush Punch No Punch bowl
Bastardized Screwdriver Yes N/A
Beetlejuice Yes N/A
Bernardete Yes N/A
Berry Deadly Yes N/A
Bionic Beaver Yes Pitcher
Bisp Yes Irish coffee cup
Bitchin' Apple Cider Yes Punch bowl
Black-Eyed Susan Yes Punch bowl
Bleeding Orgasm Yes Punch bowl
Bloated Bag of Monkey Spunk Yes Hurricane glass
Blonde Smoothie Yes White wine glass
Blue Lemonade Yes Punch bowl
Blue Tahoe Yes Highball glass
Blue Wave Yes Red wine glass
Bob's Special Punch Yes Punch bowl
Boo Punch Yes N/A
Bourbon Slush Yes Old-fashioned glass
Brain Fart Yes Punch bowl
Brendan's PUnch of happiness Yes N/A
Brian Sinnott Family Punch - Leaded Yes Punch bowl
Brian Sinnott Family Punch - Unleaded No Punch bowl
Buddy Yes N/A
Bullfrog (The Party Mix) Yes N/A
Butt Naked Kiwi Yes Pitcher
Buzzer's red cream soda Yes Hurricane glass
Californian Hurricane Yes Punch bowl
Calimocho Torreon Special Yes Highball glass
Canadian Rum Punch Yes Punch bowl
Caribbean Punch Yes N/A
Caribbean Screwdriver Yes Highball glass
Champagne & Mango Yes Champagne flute
Champagne Punch #1 Yes N/A
Champagne Punch #2 Yes Punch bowl
Chowning's Tavern Wine Cooler Yes N/A
Cindy's Cycle Yes N/A
Citrus Surprise Yes N/A
Cold Duck Punch Yes Punch bowl
Coon Dawg Punch Yes N/A
Coquito Yes N/A
Crack Juice Yes Punch bowl
Cranberry Punch No N/A
Cranberry Tea Hot Punch No N/A
Crockpot Mulled Cider No N/A
Dancing Dutchman Yes Punch bowl
Danny Q's Aruba Rum Punch Yes Hurricane glass
Derailer Yes Punch bowl
Die ruhige Sturm Yes Pitcher
DJ Shooters Yes Pitcher
Dog House Dew Yes N/A
Donkey Punch Yes Punch bowl
Down Home Punch #1 Yes Pitcher
Downshift Yes Hurricane glass
Dr. Pepper #2 Yes Collins glass
Drunk Watermelon Yes N/A
Dudley's Damnation Yes Punch bowl
Eben's Magic Juice (Orange) Yes N/A
Ecto Cooler Yes Pitcher
Eerie Witch's Brew No Punch bowl
Egg Nog #1 Yes Punch bowl
Egg Nog #2 Yes Punch bowl
Egg Nog #3 Yes Punch bowl
Egg Nog #4 No Punch bowl
Egg Nog #5 Yes Punch bowl
Egg Nog - Cooked Yes N/A
Egg Nog - Healthy No N/A
Egg Nog - Kahlua Yes White wine glass
Egg Nog - Katie's Yes Punch bowl
Egg Nog - Williamsburg Yes N/A
Egg Nog Ice-Cream Yes Punch bowl
Egg-Nog - Classic Cooked No Pitcher
Eggnog - "Kentucky-style" Yes N/A
Eggnog - Spiked Yes N/A
Electric Fuzzy Yes Collins glass
Electric Jello Yes N/A
Electric Lemonade #1 Yes Collins glass
Elmer Fuddpucker Yes N/A
Elmer Fudpucker Yes Pitcher
Felix's feast Yes N/A
Fish House Punch Yes Punch bowl
Five dollar shake Yes Pint glass
Flaming Blow Job Yes Punch bowl
Flaming Hurley Yes N/A
Flaming Soda Yes Old-fashioned glass
Flip Juice Yes Pitcher
Foreplay on the Neutral Ground Yes Hurricane glass
Frisky's Surprise Yes Margarita/Coupette glass
Frizzy Punch Yes Punch bowl
Frothy Redhead Yes N/A
Frozen Rum Runner Yes Hurricane glass
Fruit A la la No N/A
Fruit and Sherbet Punch No N/A
Fruit Basket Yes Punch bowl
Fruit Hippy Yes Mason jar
Fruit Punch No N/A
Fruit Sangria Yes Pitcher
Fruity Pebbles Yes N/A
Fruity Screaming Fuzzy Navel Yes Punch bowl
Fu** me like a beast Yes Highball glass
Fu-Cha Yes N/A
Fulminator Yes Punch bowl
Fuzzy Ass Yes Mason jar
Fuzzy Balls Yes Punch bowl
Fuzzy Bullet Yes Mason jar
Fuzzy Faser Yes Punch bowl
Fuzzy Peachclari Yes Mason jar
Fuzzy Watermelon Yes N/A
Gin Bucket Yes Pitcher
Ginger Syllabub Yes N/A
Glogg #1 Yes N/A
Glogg #2 Yes Irish coffee cup
Glogg - Christmas Yes Irish coffee cup
Glogg - Grandfather's Yes Irish coffee cup
Glogg - Grandmother's Yes Irish coffee cup
Glogg - Swedish Yes Irish coffee cup
Glogg Extract Yes N/A
Glogg in the Microwave Yes Coffee mug
Gluehwein No Irish coffee cup
Goats Milk Yes Punch bowl
Gogl-Mogl Yes N/A
Golden Glow Punch No Punch bowl
Gorilla Yes N/A
Grain Punch Yes N/A
Grandma's Swingin' Eggnog Yes N/A
Grape ape Yes Highball glass
Grapefruit Teaser Yes N/A
Great Green Monster Yes Pitcher
Great Pumpkin Punch Yes N/A
Green Death Yes Champagne flute
Green Dinosaur #2 Yes Cocktail glass
Green Froggy Yes Old-fashioned glass
Green Iguana Yes Margarita/Coupette glass
Green Monster Party Punch Yes N/A
Green Tree Frog Yes Punch bowl
Green wave Yes Hurricane glass
Green-eyed Bi Yes Shot glass
H2O Yes Highball glass
Hairy Buffalo Yes Punch bowl
Hina Blast Yes N/A
Holiday Cheer No White wine glass
Holloween Punch No Punch bowl
Hop Skip and Go Naked Punch Yes N/A
Hop, Skip, and Go Naked Yes Highball glass
Hop, Skip, and Go Naked #2 Yes Punch bowl
Hot Buttered Cranberry Punch No N/A
Hot Devilish Daiquiri Yes N/A
Hot Mulled Cider #2 No N/A
Hot Spiced Cider #2 No N/A
Hot-Buttered Rum Yes N/A
Hunch Punch Yes N/A
Hunka Hunka Burnin Luv Yes Beer mug
Jack Frost Yes N/A
Jagnog Yes N/A
Jamaican Rum Punch Yes Punch bowl
Jamaican Screw Yes Highball glass
Jamaican Zombie Yes Collins glass
Jersey Devil Yes Punch bowl
Jesus is Here Yes Beer mug
Jim Beam's Redneck Friend Yes Punch bowl
Jinx Yes Punch bowl
Jo Jo Yes Old-fashioned glass
Juicy Lucy #2 Yes N/A
Jungle Boogie Punch Yes Punch bowl
K-V-S Kaboom Yes Punch bowl
Kalimocho Yes N/A
Knacky Yes Highball glass
Knockout Punch Yes N/A
Lady's Punsch Yes N/A
Lemon Sherbert Punch No Punch bowl
Lemonade Bomb Yes Pitcher
Light and Dark Yes Whiskey sour glass
Light Sangria with Pineapple Yes Red wine glass
Lime Bomber Yes N/A
LimLer No N/A
Limoncillo Yes Punch bowl
Linfield's Spare Part Punch Yes Mason jar
Love Potion #9 Yes Punch bowl
Lucky Lindeman Yes N/A
Magic Dew Yes Hurricane glass
Malihini Punch No N/A
Man In A Man Suit Yes Punch bowl
Mock Pink Champagne #1 No N/A
Mock Pink Champagne #2 No N/A
Mojambo Punch Yes Punch bowl
Mojo Yes Punch bowl
Mona-Lisa Yes Highball glass
Monarchy Luau Punch Yes N/A
Monster Slime Juice No N/A
Moose Piss Yes Punch bowl
Morning Dew Yes Mason jar
Moscow Mule Yes Highball glass
Mother Pucker Yes Highball glass
Mudslinger Yes Punch bowl
Mulled Madeira Yes N/A
Mulled Wine Yes N/A
Natalie Nosedive Yes Pitcher
Nay-Nay Strohmeyer Yes Beer mug
Nelson special Yes Cocktail glass
No Problem! Yes N/A
Norwegian Hunting Mixture Bowl Yes Mason jar
Null & Void Punch Yes N/A
Off your ass in a glass Yes Highball glass
Oklahoma Tropical Twister Yes Punch bowl
Old Fashioned Hot Buttered Rum Yes N/A
Pain, Pain, Go Away Yes Margarita/Coupette glass
Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster #3 Yes N/A
Party Death Yes Collins glass
Party Punch No Punch bowl
Party Slush Punch #1 Yes N/A
Party Slush Punch #2 Yes Punch bowl
Party Slush Punch #3 Yes N/A
Peach Fuzz Yes Margarita/Coupette glass
Peach Punch Yes Punch bowl
Period in a Pitcher Yes Pitcher
Phi Psycho Psycho Yes Highball glass
Phreaker Cocktail Yes Collins glass
Pimp Punch Yes N/A
Pina Colada Punch No Punch bowl
Pineapple Punch Yes Punch bowl
Pink Elephant Ears Yes N/A
Pink Panther #1 Yes N/A
Pink Panty Pulldowns #2 Yes N/A
Pink Penocha Yes Punch bowl
Pink Police Yes Pitcher
Pinky Colinky Dinky Yes Punch bowl
Planter's Punch Yes Collins glass
Pocima Yes Punch bowl
Ponche de Pina Yes Pitcher
Porch Climber Yes N/A
Porch Crawlers Yes Punch bowl
Puff's Magick Dragon Yes Punch bowl
Punch #1 No Punch bowl
Punch #2 No Punch bowl
Pure Exstacy Yes N/A
Purple Jesus Yes Punch bowl
Raspberry Cordial Yes N/A
Raspberry Punch No Punch bowl
Raspberry Sherbet Punch No N/A
Red Death (MAC style) Yes N/A
Red Ox Yes Pint glass
Red Tequila Yes Shot glass
Red Wine Punch No Punch bowl
Roadrunner Punch Yes N/A
Rocket Fuel #2 Yes Punch bowl
Rum Punch Yes Punch bowl
Rum Punch #2 Yes Punch bowl
Rum Runner Yes Cocktail glass
Rum Runner by Charles Yes Cocktail glass
Russian Brunch Yes N/A
Salisbury Special No N/A
San Diego Seabreeze Yes Collins glass
San Juan Tea Yes Collins glass
Sangria #1 Yes Pitcher
Sangria #2 Yes Pitcher
Sangria - The World's Best Yes Pitcher
Sangria Classic Yes Pitcher
Sauterne Yes Punch bowl
Schlag-n-nog Yes Collins glass
Schnapp It Up Yes N/A
Scorpion Yes White wine glass
Screaming Purple Jesus Yes N/A
Screwdriver (modified) Yes Highball glass
Screwdriver with Color Yes Highball glass
Seaside-Summerbliss Yes Red wine glass
Sex on my face Yes Hurricane glass
Sex On The Beach - Jersey Style Yes Punch bowl
Shark Attack Punch Yes Punch bowl
Shark's Bite Yes N/A
Sigma Nu Ball Buster Yes Punch bowl
Sima Yes N/A
Simpson Solution Yes Beer mug
Skip And Go Naked #2 Yes Beer mug
Skylab Fallout Yes Hurricane glass
Slow Cooker Cider No N/A
Smooth Sailin' Yes N/A