Cocktail Drinks

Drink Name Alcohol Served In
'57 Chevy Yes Cocktail glass
'57 Chevy with a White License Plate Yes Highball glass
155 Belmont Yes White wine glass
187 URge Yes N/A
3-Mile Long Island Iced Tea Yes N/A
3001 Yes Collins glass
351 Special Yes Coffee mug
357 Magnum Yes N/A
360 degress Yes Shot glass
3rd Street Promanade Yes Highball glass
3rd Wheel Yes Margarita/Coupette glass
40 Water Yes N/A
491 Yes Highball glass
50/50 Yes N/A
501 Blue Yes N/A
57 T-Bird with Hawaiian License Plates Yes Highball glass
69 Special Yes N/A
77 Sunset Strip Yes Highball glass
78 Camaro Yes Highball glass
81 Camaro Yes Collins glass
9 1/2 Weeks Yes Cocktail glass
915 Special Yes Highball glass
A 243 Yes Highball glass
A Better Melonball Yes Highball glass
A Day at the Beach Yes Highball glass
A Dixon Thing Yes Highball glass
A Furlong Too Late Yes Highball glass
A Fuzzy Thing Yes N/A
A Gilligan's Island Yes Collins glass
A Goodnight Kiss Yes Champagne flute
A Little Dinghy Yes Highball glass
A midsummernight dream Yes N/A
A Night In Old Mandalay Yes Highball glass
A Smile Yes White wine glass
A Southern Screw Yes Collins glass
A Sunny Delight Yes Mason jar
A True Amaretto Sour Yes Old-fashioned glass
A. J. Yes Cocktail glass
A.D.M. (After Dinner Mint) Yes Irish coffee cup
Abbey Cocktail Yes Cocktail glass
Abe's Tropical Night in Hell Yes Cocktail glass
Abilene Yes Highball glass
Absinthe Cocktail Yes Cocktail glass
Absinthe Minded Martini Yes Cocktail glass
Absinthe Suissesse Yes Cocktail glass
Absolut Lemonade Yes Collins glass
Absolut Mixer Yes Highball glass
Absolut Stress #1 Yes Collins glass
Absolut Stress #2 Yes N/A
Absolut Summertime Yes Collins glass
Absolute Heaven Yes Highball glass
Absolutely Cranberry Smash Yes Cocktail glass
Absolutly Screwed Yes Shot glass
Absolutly Screwed Up Yes Collins glass
Acapulco Yes Old-fashioned glass
Acapulcos malibu Yes Highball glass
Acid Rain Yes N/A
Adam Yes Cocktail glass
Adam Sunrise Yes N/A
Adam's Apple Yes N/A
Addison Special Yes Old-fashioned glass
Adios Mother Yes Hurricane glass
Adios Motherfucker #3 Yes N/A
Adios Motherfucker (A.M.F.) Yes N/A
Adonis Cocktail Yes Cocktail glass
Affair Yes Highball glass
Affinity Yes Cocktail glass
Affirmative Action Yes Highball glass
After Dinner Cocktail Yes Cocktail glass
After sex Yes Highball glass
After Supper Cocktail Yes Cocktail glass
Afterburner #3 Yes Cocktail glass
Afterglow No N/A
Agent Orange Yes Hurricane glass
Aggravation Yes Old-fashioned glass
Agua de Valencia Yes Cocktail glass
Ahhhhhh.... No Cocktail glass
AJ's Bubbling Brew Yes Beer pilsner
Akis Special Yes Highball glass
Alabama Riot Yes N/A
Alabama Slammer Yes Highball glass
Aladdin Sane Yes Cocktail glass
Alamo Splash Yes Collins glass
Alaska Yes Cocktail glass
Alaska Cocktail Yes Cocktail glass
Albysjön Yes N/A
Alebrije Yes Hurricane glass
Alex Chi-Chi Yes Red wine glass
Alexander Yes Cocktail glass
Alexander #2 Yes Cocktail glass
Alexander (Original) Yes Cocktail glass
Alexander's Big Brother Yes Cocktail glass
Alexander's Sister Yes Cocktail glass
Alexandra Yes N/A
Alfie Cocktail Yes Cocktail glass
Algae Yes Highball glass
Algonquin Yes Cocktail glass
Alice Cocktail No Cocktail glass
Alice in Wonderland Yes N/A
Alien Secretion Yes N/A
Alien Urine Yes Collins glass
Alien Urine Sample Yes N/A
All American Yes N/A
All Night Long Yes N/A
All Puckered Out Yes Highball glass
Allegheny Yes Cocktail glass
Allies Cocktail Yes Cocktail glass
Alligator Yes Cocktail glass
Almeria Yes Cocktail glass
Almond Casa Noble Yes Cocktail glass
Almond Chocolate Coffee Yes Coffee mug
Almond Cooler Yes Hurricane glass
Almond Joy Yes Cocktail glass
Almond Joy #2 Yes Highball glass
Almond Joy Dark Yes Hurricane glass
Almost Heaven Yes Collins glass
Alpine Sprite Yes Highball glass
Alternate Root Yes Highball glass
Amaretto Alexander Yes Brandy snifter
Amaretto And Cream Yes Cocktail glass
Amaretto Mist Yes Old-fashioned glass
Amaretto Paradise Yes Hurricane glass
Amaretto Rose Yes Collins glass
Amaretto Shake Yes N/A
Amaretto Sour Yes N/A
Amaretto Stinger Yes Cocktail glass
Amaretto Stone Sour #2 Yes N/A
Amaretto Stone Sweet No Collins glass
Amaretto Sunrise Yes N/A
Amaretto Sunrise Crush Yes Margarita/Coupette glass
Amaretto Sunset Yes N/A
Amaretto Tea Yes Pousse cafe glass
Amarita Yes Collins glass
Amazon Street Lemonade Yes Highball glass
Ambijaxtrious Yes N/A
Ambrosia Yes Highball glass
Amer Picon Cocktail Yes Cocktail glass
Amer Picon Punch Yes Old-fashioned glass
American Beauty Yes Cocktail glass
American Pie Yes Hurricane glass
Americano Yes Collins glass
Amor de Cosmos Yes Cocktail glass
Amy's Tattoo Yes Highball glass
An Arif Yes N/A
Andalusia Yes Cocktail glass
Andrea's Colada Collision Yes Hurricane glass
Anestesia Yes Cocktail glass
Angel Face Yes Cocktail glass
Angel's Kiss Yes Pousse cafe glass
Angel's Tit Yes Cocktail glass
Angel's Wing Yes Pousse cafe glass
Angler's Cocktail Yes Old-fashioned glass
Angry Chameleon Yes N/A
Anime Freak Yes Old-fashioned glass
Ankle Breaker Yes Old-fashioned glass
Another Hot Day in Fresno Yes Highball glass
Ante Yes Cocktail glass
Antoine Special Yes Red wine glass
Anton's Ecto Cooler Yes Margarita/Coupette glass
Aperol '86 Yes Cocktail glass
Aperol Schuhmann Yes Highball glass
Apertif d'Absinthe Yes Parfait glass
Apfel Orange Yes Highball glass
Apple Blossom Yes Old-fashioned glass
Apple Blow Fizz Yes Highball glass
Apple Brandy Highball Yes Highball glass
Apple Brandy Sour Yes Whiskey sour glass
Apple Colada Yes Collins glass
Apple Jack Yes Cocktail glass
Apple Judy Yes Cocktail glass
Apple Karate No N/A
Apple Martini Yes Cocktail glass
Apple Pie Yes Cocktail glass
Apple Rum Rickey Yes Highball glass
Apple Slut Yes Cocktail glass
Applecar Yes Cocktail glass
Appled Rum Cooler Yes Old-fashioned glass
Applejack Yes Cocktail glass
Applejack (Jack Daniel's original recipe) Yes Old-fashioned glass
Apricot adventure Yes N/A
Apricot Anise Collins Yes Collins glass
Apricot Brandy Sour Yes Collins glass
Apricot Breeze Yes Hurricane glass
Apricot Cocktail Yes Cocktail glass
Apricot Lady Yes Old-fashioned glass
Apricot Smoothie Yes Highball glass
April Rain Yes Cocktail glass
April's Apple Yes Cocktail glass
Aqua Yes Highball glass
Aqueduct Yes Cocktail glass
Arcadia Yes Cocktail glass
Archbishop Yes Old-fashioned glass
Arctic Kiss Yes Champagne flute
Ariel's Frappe Punch Yes Highball glass
Ario Bomb Yes Old-fashioned glass
Arise My Love Yes Champagne flute
Arizona Stingers Yes Hurricane glass
Arizona Sunrise Yes Cocktail glass
Arizona Sunset Yes N/A
Arizona Twister Yes Hurricane glass
Army special Yes Cocktail glass
Arthur Tompkins Yes Whiskey sour glass
Artic Red Yes Cocktail glass
Artillery Yes Cocktail glass
Ash Blonde Yes Cocktail glass
Asphalt Yes Highball glass
Astoria Yes Cocktail glass
Astral Gateway Yes Highball glass
Astroturf Yes Highball glass
AT&T Yes N/A
Atheist's Best Yes N/A
Atlantic Sun Yes N/A
Atlas Yes N/A
Atomic Lokade Yes N/A
Atomic Watermelon Yes Highball glass
Attitude Yes Hurricane glass
Auger Yes Collins glass
Aussie Riviter Yes Cocktail glass
Autodafe Yes N/A
Autumnal Equinox Yes Old-fashioned glass
Avalon Yes Highball glass
Aviation Yes Cocktail glass
Avocado Daiquiri Yes Old-fashioned glass
Axe Murderer Yes Old-fashioned glass
Axelrod's Sweet Concoction Yes Cocktail glass
Aztec Gold Yes Cocktail glass
B And B Yes Cordial glass
B-52 #5 Yes Shot glass
B-54 Yes Shot glass
B-69 Yes Collins glass
Babbie's Special Cocktail Yes Cocktail glass
Baby Doll Yes Cocktail glass
Bacardi Cocktail Yes Cocktail glass
Bacardi Gold & Cola Yes Highball glass
Bacardi Stinger Yes Highball glass
Bacci Ball Yes Cordial glass
Backseat Boogie #1 Yes Highball glass
Baduizm Yes Cocktail glass
Bag of Filth Yes Old-fashioned glass
Bahama Mama Yes Collins glass
Bahama Todd Yes N/A
Bailey's Banana Colada (bbc) Yes N/A
Bailey's Comet #1 Yes Cocktail glass
Baileyfloat Yes Beer mug
Bairn Yes Old-fashioned glass
Bakkus Yes Cocktail glass
Bali Dream Yes Cocktail glass
Balmoral Yes Cocktail glass
Baltic Murder Mystery Yes Cocktail glass
Baltimore Bracer Yes Cocktail glass
Baltimore Eggnog Yes Collins glass
Baltimore Zoo Yes N/A
Bambi's Iced Tea Yes Hurricane glass
Bambus Yes N/A
Banana Boat Yes N/A
Banana Colada #1 Yes Highball glass
Banana Colada #2 Yes N/A
Banana Cow Yes Cocktail glass
Banana Daiquiri Yes Champagne flute
Banana Dream Yes Parfait glass
Banana JABS Yes Highball glass
Banana Punch #1 Yes Collins glass
Banana Rum Cream Yes Cocktail glass
Banana Russian Yes Cocktail glass
Banana Split Yes Cocktail glass
Banana Sunrise Yes N/A
Bananaball Yes Cocktail glass
Banderas Yes Shot glass
Bankers Doom Yes Collins glass
Bannister Yes Cocktail glass
Banshe Yes N/A
Banshee Yes Cocktail glass
Barbarian Yes Beer mug
Barbary Coast Yes Cocktail glass
Barcardi Volcano Yes Old-fashioned glass
Baron Cocktail Yes Cocktail glass
Baroness No Cocktail glass
Barrier Breaker Yes Irish coffee cup
Barrier Reef Yes N/A
Bartender's Margarita Yes Pint glass
Barton Special Yes Old-fashioned glass
Baseball Pleasure Yes Collins glass
Basic Bill Yes Cocktail glass
Baso Yes N/A
Bat Bite Yes Highball glass
Batida Abacaxi Yes White wine glass
Batida Mango Yes White wine glass
Batida Morango Yes White wine glass
Batida Summerday Yes Red wine glass
Batman Yes Highball glass
Battering Ram Yes Highball glass
BAV(BAW) Yes Old-fashioned glass
Bavarian Alps Yes N/A
Bavorak Yes Cocktail glass
Bay Breeze Yes Highball glass
Bayou Backwater Yes N/A
Baywatch Yes Hurricane glass
Be Sweet Yes Highball glass
Beach Bum Yes Highball glass
Beach Sunday Yes Highball glass