Other Drinks

Drink Name Alcohol Served In
6am Sunrise Yes Highball glass
8th Birthday Yes N/A
A Piece of Ass Yes Highball glass
Absinthe Curacao Frappe Yes Champagne flute
Absinthe Flip Yes N/A
Absinthe Martini Yes Cocktail glass
Absolut 600 Yes Highball glass
Absolut Evergreen Yes N/A
Absolut limousine Yes N/A
Absolut Symphony Yes Hurricane glass
Acapulco Zombie Yes N/A
Almond Shrub Yes N/A
Amaretto Stone Sour Yes N/A
Amaretto Stone Sour #3 Yes Highball glass
Apello No N/A
Apple Berry Smoothie No N/A
Apple Pie with A Crust Yes N/A
Aqua Fodie Yes Old-fashioned glass
Aranov Yes N/A
Aviator Fuel Yes N/A
Backseat Boogie #2 Yes N/A
Baked Apple Yes Beer pilsner
Banana Cantaloupe Smoothie No N/A
Betonimylly Yes Shot glass
Bible Belt Yes N/A
Black Cherry Yes Highball glass
Black River Boogie Yes N/A
Black Tartan Yes Old-fashioned glass
Blonde's Death Yes Highball glass
Bloody Shame No Old-fashioned glass
Blow Blue Bubbles Yes Champagne flute
Boku's Blend Yes Mason jar
Booda's Black Brew Yes Hurricane glass
Bootzilla Yes Collins glass
Breath Stealer Yes Cordial glass
Brown Pelican No N/A
Butter Cream Yes Cocktail glass
Butterballs Yes Shot glass
C-MOB Yes Margarita/Coupette glass
Candy Apple Yes N/A
Canecutter Yes Collins glass
Caribbean Cruise Yes Hurricane glass
Caribbean Sunset Yes Hurricane glass
Carnegie Sunrise Yes N/A
Cazuela Yes N/A
Cement Mixer Yes N/A
Cherry Bomb, Traditional Yes Shot glass
Cherry Bomber Yes N/A
Cherry Over The Edge Yes N/A
Cherry Popper Yes Brandy snifter
Chocolate Covered Cherries Yes Brandy snifter
Chocolate Raspberry Brownie Yes Cocktail glass
Chocolate Shock Yes Coffee mug
Circus Peanut Margarita Yes Highball glass
Clam Eye Yes Beer pilsner
Clara Yes Beer pilsner
Cookie Monster #1 Yes N/A
Cornholio's Revenge Yes Highball glass
Creamy Kiss Yes N/A
Creamy punani Yes N/A
Creamy Tan Yes Brandy snifter
Cricket Yes Old-fashioned glass
Crimson Death Yes Collins glass
Cucci Yes Collins glass
D.R.F.O. Yes Old-fashioned glass
Danger Yes Beer mug
Dark Indulgence Yes Coffee mug
Dead Grasshopper Yes N/A
Diablo Yes Old-fashioned glass
Dick Wells Yes N/A
Dickel & Dew Yes N/A
Dirk Diggler Yes Highball glass
Dirty Banana Yes Beer pilsner
Dit Kicker Yes N/A
Dive Bomber Yes Beer mug
Dominican Goddess Yes Whiskey sour glass
Dr. Kevorkian Yes Highball glass
Dr. Pepper #1 Yes Beer mug
Dr. Peppermint Yes Old-fashioned glass
Dream No Highball glass
Dreamy Chocolate Winter Yes N/A
Dreamy Winter Yes N/A
Dreamy Winter Delight Yes N/A
Dreamy Winter Night Yes N/A
Drunk-N-ade Yes N/A
Duncan MacLeod Yes Beer mug
Earth Shake No N/A
Ebola Yes Pitcher
Egg Cream No N/A
EKG Yes Old-fashioned glass
Electric Screwdriver Yes N/A
Emerald City Yes Hurricane glass
Erin's Sweater Yes N/A
Ersh Yes Punch bowl
Ersh (Russian) Yes Beer mug
Esirnus Yes Old-fashioned glass
Ethnic Sugar Yes Beer mug
Etyk Yes Highball glass
Exploding Cherry Yes N/A
Extremely Drunk Yes N/A
Fall of Rome Yes Highball glass
Feel This Yes Collins glass
Florida Rum Runner Yes Collins glass
Forza FCK Yes Cocktail glass
French Monkey Yes Red wine glass
Friday Freeze Yes White wine glass
Frisky Yes Collins glass
Frozen Strawberry Margarita Yes Hurricane glass
Fruit Cooler No N/A
Fruit Flip-Flop No N/A
Fruit Fly Yes N/A
Fruit Salad Daiquiri Yes Margarita/Coupette glass
Fruit Shake No N/A
Fruitloops No Highball glass
Fubar Kool-Aid Yes Highball glass
Funky Filly Yes Hurricane glass
Funnel Cloud #1 Yes N/A
Fuzzy Banana Yes Highball glass
Fuzzy Logic Yes Hurricane glass
Fuzzy Logic #2 Yes N/A
Galliano Hotshot Yes N/A
Godiva Polar Bear Yes Cordial glass
Golden Star Yes Parfait glass
Golden Sunrise Yes N/A
Gorilla Sweat Yes Cocktail glass
Gorilla's Tit Yes Old-fashioned glass
Gotland Summer Night Yes Highball glass
Grape lemon pineapple Smoothie No N/A
Grapple No N/A
Grateful Dead #2 Yes Highball glass
Great Grapes No N/A
Green Ferrit Yes Pint glass
Grog #2 Yes Pitcher
Gumby Dammit Yes Beer mug
Harlem World Seven Yes Pitcher
Haywire Yes Collins glass
Headcrack Yes Hurricane glass
Highlander Yes Collins glass
Hot Cider No N/A
Hot Mulled Cider #1 No N/A
Hot Nun Yes Brandy snifter
Hot Spiced Cider #1 No N/A
Hunter Mountain Yes Old-fashioned glass
Iced Lemonade Tea No N/A
Irish Cactus Yes Old-fashioned glass
Irish Dawg Yes Cordial glass
Irish Float Yes Old-fashioned glass
Irish Mint Yes N/A
Italian Ice Yes Whiskey sour glass
Jack's Vanilla Coke Yes Old-fashioned glass
Jameson St. Patrick's Day Yes Cocktail glass
Jen's Mountain Gin Yes Highball glass
Jenny's Concoction Yes N/A
Jet Pilot Yes Mason jar
Jim's Special #1 Yes Highball glass
Jo Jo Original Yes Old-fashioned glass
Jungle Juice #2 No N/A
Kill the cold Smoothie No N/A
Killer Kool-Aid #2 Yes Collins glass
Kiwi Colada Yes Highball glass
Kiwi Papaya Smoothie No N/A
Klingon Blood Wine Yes Beer mug
Kongepjolter Yes Beer mug
Kori's Saturday Night Special Yes Parfait glass
Kryptonite kooler Yes N/A
La Mamila No N/A
Lara's Russian Qualude Yes N/A
Lassi - A South Indian Drink No N/A
Lassi - Mango No N/A
Lassi - Sweet No N/A
Lassi Khara No N/A
Lassi Raita No N/A
Latana Yes Pint glass
Lava Lamp Yes Highball glass
Lemouroudji No N/A
Limeade No N/A
Limelon Yes Margarita/Coupette glass
Liquid Cocaine #6 Yes N/A
Liquid Sword Yes Collins glass
Livingston Yes Old-fashioned glass
London Fog #2 Yes Highball glass
Long Beach Iced Tea Yes N/A
Long Summer Night Yes Old-fashioned glass
Maiden Head Yes White wine glass
Mandrin Sprite Yes Collins glass
Mango Orange Smoothie No N/A
Mekong Yes Hurricane glass
Melon Pousse Cafe Yes Cordial glass
Mexican Cappuccino Yes Coffee mug
Monique Yes Highball glass
Monk's Butt Yes Collins glass
Moosemilk Yes N/A
Mountaineer on Acid Yes N/A
Mule Yes N/A
Multiple Orgasm #2 Yes Hurricane glass
Multiple Orgasm Cajun Style Yes Hurricane glass
Mutual Orgasm Yes Pint glass
My Busted Cherry Yes Old-fashioned glass
Nadal furia Yes Margarita/Coupette glass
Naughty Angel Yes Cordial glass
North Mymms Mirage Yes Red wine glass
Nuts and Berries #2 Yes Brandy snifter
Orange Bitters Yes N/A
Orange Whip Yes N/A
Orchard Downs Yes Old-fashioned glass
Panther Sweat Yes Whiskey sour glass
Parappa the Drunk Rappa Yes Collins glass
Paris Paradise Yes Beer pilsner
Passion Chi-Chi Yes N/A
Passout Yes N/A
Pat Quinn Float Yes Highball glass
Pat Quinn Freeze Yes Parfait glass
Patti's Irish Bloody Mary Yes Irish coffee cup
Peppermint Pattie Yes Old-fashioned glass
Piedra Putamadre Yes Cordial glass
Pineapple Gingerale Smoothie No N/A
Pisang Pistace Yes Cocktail glass
Pond water Yes Beer mug
Presticles Spectacles Wallet and Watch Yes N/A
Puerto Rican Punch Yes Hurricane glass
Purple VW Yes Shot glass
Pyro Yes N/A
Quantum Theory Yes Collins glass
R-Float Yes Beer mug
Ragnar #3 Yes Highball glass
Rainbow Brite Blowing Sunshine Up Your Butt Yes Hurricane glass
Raspberry Cooler Yes Highball glass
Raspberry Trouffle Yes Cordial glass
Red Devil Yes Highball glass
Red Eye a la Cocktail Yes Beer mug
Red Frog Yes Highball glass
Red Rock Yes N/A
Richie Family Yes Beer pilsner
Rock Lobster Yes N/A
Rocket Fuel Yes Whiskey sour glass
Rolf's Scandinavian Glogg Yes Irish coffee cup
Romulan Ale #2 Yes Beer mug
Root Beer Barrel Yes Cocktail glass
Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Yes Collins glass
Rum Runner #2 Yes Highball glass
Rum Runner Island Style Yes Hurricane glass
Rum Shrub Yes N/A
Russian Monster Tom Collins Yes N/A
Sammy Special Yes Hurricane glass
Screaming Epsilon Yes Collins glass
Sea Fizz Yes Highball glass
Seattle Smog Yes Mason jar
Sex on Ice Yes Cocktail glass
Sex on the Pool Table Yes N/A
Sex with the bartender Yes Highball glass
Sexual Trance Yes Collins glass
Sexy Blue Eyed Boy Yes N/A
Shitface Yes N/A
Shlagerfloat Yes Mason jar
Shrub Yes N/A
Siberian Dutchman Yes Highball glass
Silver Fizz Yes N/A
Simple but Sweet Yes Whiskey sour glass
Slime Yes Old-fashioned glass
Slimer Yes N/A
Slippery Eggs Yes Highball glass
Slow Painful Movement Yes Old-fashioned glass
Smooth Sailing Yes N/A
Soapy Tits Yes Beer mug
Sonoma Yes N/A
Sour Mix No N/A
South African Smoothie Yes N/A
Southern Dream Yes Old-fashioned glass
Southern Hospitality Yes Irish coffee cup
Southwest Cooler Yes N/A
Spanish Fly Yes N/A
Spear Chugger Yes Mason jar
Spiced Cherry Yes Cordial glass
Spiced Cherry Jello Yes N/A
Starla's Waver Yes N/A
Stock Market Crash Yes Mason jar
Storm Trooper Yes N/A
Strawberry Kiss Yes N/A
Strawberry Shivers No N/A
Sugar Kick No Highball glass
Super Qell Yes Beer mug
Super Smoothy No Hurricane glass
Sweet Temptation Yes Highball glass
Sweets to the Sweet Yes Beer mug
Talbot's Dream Yes N/A
Tangaze Yes N/A
Tequilaville Yes Highball glass
Terror From the Deep Yes Old-fashioned glass
Texas Tea Yes Pitcher
Texas Tumbleweed Yes N/A
The Canadian Gulp Yes Mason jar
The Crown Cherry Yes Highball glass
The Gold, The Bad, and The Ugly Yes Beer pilsner
The Green Mile Yes N/A
The Jaw Yes N/A
The King Of Denmark Yes Cordial glass
The Lindy Yes Beer pilsner
The Mormon Surprise Yes Collins glass
The Naked Lady Yes N/A
The Reservoir Dog Yes Cordial glass