Milk-Float-Shake Drinks

Drink Name Alcohol Served In
151 Florida Bushwacker Yes Beer mug
607 Special Yes N/A
African Lullaby Yes Beer pilsner
After Eighteen Yes Old-fashioned glass
Aggie Banana Yes Highball glass
Avalanche Yes Highball glass
Avocado Milkshake No N/A
Baby Eskimo Yes N/A
Bailey's Shake #1 Yes Parfait glass
Bailey's Shake #2 Yes N/A
Banana Milk Shake No White wine glass
Banana Splat Yes Red wine glass
Banana Strawberry Shake No N/A
Banana Strawberry Shake Daiquiri-type No N/A
Banana Tropical No Highball glass
Big Booty Shake Yes Beer mug
Black Forest Shake Yes N/A
Blind Russian Yes Collins glass
Bluuzberry Shake Yes Parfait glass
Brown Cow from Hell Yes N/A
Bull Rider Yes Collins glass
Bushwacker #3 Yes Hurricane glass
Butcherblock Yes N/A
Caffine attack Yes Beer mug
Campari Milkshake Yes Hurricane glass
Candy Bar Yes Highball glass
Caribbean Milk Yes Highball glass
Chapman Yes Old-fashioned glass
Cherry Blossom Yes Cocktail glass
Chocolate Bomb Yes N/A
Chocolate Buzz Yes N/A
Chocolate Chip Yes Cocktail glass
Chocolate Covered Banana Yes Old-fashioned glass
Chocolate Monkey No Parfait glass
Chocolate Orgasm Yes N/A
Chocolate Paradise Yes Highball glass
Chocolate Toasted Almond Yes Collins glass
ChoozyMothers Milk Yes Mason jar
Cioccolato e cocco Yes Old-fashioned glass
Coconut Pie Yes Old-fashioned glass
Coffee Crisp Yes Old-fashioned glass
Colorado Bulldog Yes Old-fashioned glass
Colorado Pitbull Yes Mason jar
Cookies 'n' Cream Yes Collins glass
Cool Cow No N/A
Cossak Yes Coffee mug
Cowboy Killer Yes N/A
Crazy Cow No N/A
Creamy Snatch Yes Hurricane glass
Dambuster Yes Highball glass
Dillinger Yes Cordial glass
Dirty Grasshopper Yes N/A
Drool Yes Old-fashioned glass
Dutch Treat No N/A
Elephant Shake Yes N/A
Florida Pina Colada Yes Hurricane glass
Frangeilico Float Yes Highball glass
Franziska No Irish coffee cup
Fridays Frozen Mudslide Yes Hurricane glass
Frozen Girl Scout Yes Mason jar
Frozen Mudslide Yes N/A
Frozen Vanilla Honey Bee Yes Hurricane glass
Fruit Loop Yes Highball glass
Fucked up Float Yes Collins glass
Glaciermeister Yes N/A
Gorilla Milk Yes Highball glass
Gorilla Milk #2 Yes Highball glass
Harry Boy Yes Whiskey sour glass
Hillbilly Bob's Mountaindrink No Hurricane glass
Hot Vanilla No Irish coffee cup
Jamaica Kiss Yes Hurricane glass
Jamaican Sunset Yes Hurricane glass
Jay's Rootbeer Dream Yes Beer mug
Jeremiah Yes Hurricane glass
Just a Moonmint No N/A
Kahlua and Iced Cream Yes Brandy snifter
Kahlua Fudge Shake Yes Old-fashioned glass
Kahlua Twist Yes Hurricane glass
LeFreak Yes Highball glass
Less Than Jake on The Rocks Yes Collins glass
Liquid Courage Yes Beer mug
Little Brother Yes Old-fashioned glass
Long Island Milkshake Yes Collins glass
Malibu Milk Shake Yes N/A
Malibu Mocha Milkshake Yes Hurricane glass
Mallis 97 Yes Collins glass
McShake Yes N/A
Mike's Eggnog Wonderful Yes Coffee mug
Milpsi No Highball glass
Mocha Mudslide Milkshake No N/A
Moo Moo Yes Highball glass
Morning Milk Yes N/A
Mother Moo Yes Highball glass
Mounds Yes Collins glass
Mr G Yes Highball glass
Nagel Nectar Yes Old-fashioned glass
Nightcap Yes Coffee mug
Nuclear Waste #2 Yes Highball glass
Nuts and Berries #1 Yes Cocktail glass
Nutty Banana Yes Highball glass
Nutty Irishman Yes N/A
Orange Julius No N/A
Panty Dropper Yes Collins glass
Papaya Milk Splash No Old-fashioned glass
Pascal Yes Cocktail glass
Passcack Valley Orgasm Yes Highball glass
Peaches and Cream Yes Highball glass
Peppermint Aztec Yes Coffee mug
Peppermint Crisp Yes N/A
Pinglan Yes Cocktail glass
Pink Heart Yes Old-fashioned glass
Pink Panther Shake No N/A
Pink Pitch Yes Cocktail glass
Pink Squirrel #2 Yes Cocktail glass
Pisang cold Yes Highball glass
Purple Cow #2 Yes Highball glass
Raspberry Russian Yes N/A
Royal Peaches and Cream Yes Mason jar
Screaming Chocolate Monkey Yes Highball glass
Screaming White Orgasm Yes Cocktail glass
Separator Yes Old-fashioned glass
Shotgun Lou Yes N/A
Skier's Toddy Yes Coffee mug
Sneaky Pete Yes N/A
Sneaky Wesley Yes Old-fashioned glass
Snow Snake Yes Highball glass
Star Burst Yes Champagne flute
Strawberry Dream Yes Hurricane glass
Strawberry Sombrero Yes N/A
Sun Shake No N/A
Sweet Bananas No N/A
Sweet Tooth Yes N/A
Teresa's Dream Shake Yes Beer mug
Texas Sling Yes N/A
The Event Horizon Yes Highball glass
The Phantom Yes Highball glass
The Power of Milk Yes Cordial glass
The Whole Maryann Yes Hurricane glass
Torombolo Yes N/A
Ultimate Mudslide Yes Margarita/Coupette glass
Vanilla Creamsicle Yes Hurricane glass
Velvet Presley Yes Highball glass
Warm Woolly Sheep Yes Irish coffee cup
White Rabbit Yes Highball glass
Winter Breeze Yes Beer mug