Hockey - Drinking Games

Drinking Game Instructions

1. Divide the players into teams of two. Partners sit across the table from each other, and the cards are all dealt out.

2. You score a point every time you lay the card of the same value as the person before you laid.

a) To make things more interesting, there are "safe cards": Eights and Jacks. You cannot lay a safe card on another safe card (i.e. no 8 on 8, J on J, 8 on J, J on 8).

3. The team that wins the point choses a player from the losing team to "knock". The other losing team player must drink until the other "knocks" for them.

4. After each point, record the point on a scoring tally. After all the cards have been laid, that's the end of a period (out of 3, as in hockey). The person to the left of the previous dealer becomes the new dealer.

5. Scoring:
a) Subtract the losing team's points from the winning team's points for each period. That will be the winning team's points for that period. (eg. Team A: 7pts, Team B: 5pts --- 7-5 = Team A: 2pts, Team B: 0pts)
b) Do the same for subsequent periods, and add the resultant scores for each period together for the winner.


1 deck of cards
4 players