Cops and Robbers - Drinking Games

Drinking Game Instructions

Get a group of people (preferably at least 6 people) to sit around a table. Take a number of cards out of a deck that is equal to the number of people playing. One of the cards has to be a king and one of the cards has to be an ace. The other cards can be any combo of numbers people decide on. However, the higher the card number, the greater the chances of getting drunk quickly (you'll see why).

Pass out a card to each person.

1. Whoever receives the ace is the robber. Whoever receives the king is the cop.

2. Once all of the cards have been passed out, everyone stares at everyone else around the table waiting to hear the words "the deal has been made". These words will be heard once the person who has the ace (the robber) winks at someone.

3. The person who has the king (the cop) is on alert to try to see who the robber is. He/she wants to catch the robber winking at someone. Once "the deal has been made" (the person who is winked at will say this to the group), the cop throws over his card and tries to guess who the robber is (the person who winked).

a) If the cop guesses wrong, he/she has to drink the number of drinks that the cardholder turns over.

b) This game, cops and robbers, continues on until the cop guesses who the robber is.

It's hilarious to watch the cop go through everyone around the table while having to slam beers for each wrong guess.

4. If the robber happens to wink at the cop, the robber is automatically busted and has to drink a pre-determined number of drinks.


1 deck of cards
6+ players