Connection - Drinking Games

Drinking Game Instructions

Deal out all the cards evenly among all players. Each player should have his/her own pile. Player's must not look at their own or anyone other player's pile.

1. One player starts by turning their top card of their pile over.

a) If the cards are connected, by suit or by number, then both player's must drink the same amount of sips as the number on their card. (For example, the first player draws a 5 of clubs. The second player turns over a 9 of clubs. Therefore the first player must drink 5 (sips) and the second player must drink 9.)

b) If a connection is made twice or more times in a row, all player's with that connection must drink. (Lets say the third person also threw a club (a jack). Then everyone once again must drink their number (aces high). The first two people have now drank twice off of their one card. )

2. Play continues to each player. If any card around the table is connected (not across) to the card next to them by suit or by number, then all players with that connection must drink.


1 deck of cards
3+ players