Beer 99 - Drinking Games

Drinking Game Instructions

1. Deal four cards to each player, then turn the top card over. Play goes around the circle with each person playing a card, mentally keeping track of the total value of the pile.

2. Special cards:

Kept to avoid drinking or place drinking responsibilities on someone else, usually used near end of game.

Used as a skip card when you have none to play, can also be used to skip drinking responsibilities.

When in the 90's, this drops the value of pile by 10 when you play it, otherwise its a regular card.

Socials occur whenever the total equals a number ending in 9. Special socials on 69 and 71. On a special you must drink twice.

Whoever gets hit with 99 must drink 1/2 glass.

After you play a card, draw another from the stack. When out of cards, reshuffle those already played.


1 deck of cards
4+ players