Beer Drinks

Drink Name Alcohol Served In
110 in the shade Yes N/A
Absolute Chainsaw Yes Beer pilsner
Acapulco Twister Yes Beer mug
Beer Breezer Yes Collins glass
Black & Tan Yes Pint glass
Black and Brown Yes Beer pilsner
Black Fog Yes Beer mug
Brass Funky Yes Pitcher
Brass Skunky Yes Beer mug
Buccaneer Yes Beer pilsner
Bulldozer Yes Beer mug
Campari Beer Yes Beer mug
Carbomb Yes Beer mug
Carbomb #2 Yes Beer mug
Caribbean Boilermaker Yes Beer pilsner
Carjacker Yes Pint glass
Chumbawumba Yes Pint glass
Cloudy Day Yes N/A
Creme de Spooge Yes Mason jar
Diesel Yes Pint glass
Evil Corona Yes N/A
Flaming Yager Yes Beer mug
Get Jenny Yes Beer mug
Ghetto Hell Yes Mason jar
Grand Gold Margarita Yes Margarita/Coupette glass
Green Goblin Yes Pint glass
Green Weenie Yes N/A
Guinness Float Yes Beer mug
Guinness Punch Yes Beer mug
Guinness Shandy Yes Pint glass
Hairball Yes Collins glass
Half & Half Yes Pint glass
Irish Russian Yes Highball glass
Jagerbeer Bomb Yes Beer mug
Juicy Guiness Premier Yes Pint glass
Lager & Lime Yes Beer mug
Limona Corona Yes N/A
Lunch Box Yes Pint glass
Memachau Yes Pint glass
Mexican Hillbilly Yes Beer mug
Michelada Regular Yes Beer mug
Miner's Lung Yes Beer mug
Monaco Yes Collins glass
Paddy's Caffeine Yes Beer mug
Purple Nasty Yes Pint glass
Shellshock Yes Beer pilsner
Slim Shady Yes Beer mug
Snake Bite (UK) Yes Pint glass
Snake Bite Black (UK) Yes Pint glass
Snake Venom Yes Pint glass
Snakebite and Black Yes Pint glass
Snakebite Jack Yes Pint glass
Stiff Pounder Yes N/A
Submarine (Mexican) Yes Beer mug
Suburban Warhead Yes Beer mug
The Green Monster Yes Pint glass
The Twister Yes Beer mug
Tijuana Carbomb Yes Pint glass
Trojan Horse Yes Pint glass