Soft-Drink Drinks

Drink Name Alcohol Served In
Afganistany Whore Yes Beer mug
Bailey's Dream Shake Yes Collins glass
Belgian Blue Yes Highball glass
Black Cow No N/A
Black Cow #3 No Mason jar
Bleeding Surgeon Yes Collins glass
Brandon and Will's Coke Float Yes Beer mug
California Root Beer Yes Highball glass
Candied Sever St. Special Yes Collins glass
Citrus Coke Yes N/A
Coke and Drops No Cocktail glass
Darkwood Sling Yes Cocktail glass
Death Wish Yes Beer mug
Dr. Shocker Yes Collins glass
Flaming Kevin Yes Old-fashioned glass
Floaty No N/A
Fruit Tingle Yes N/A
Fuquay Friday Night Yes Cocktail glass
Ganggreen Yes Highball glass
Golden Coke Yes N/A
Golden Cola Yes Highball glass
Green Meanie Yes Highball glass
Heliuva Rootbeer Yes Mason jar
Homemade Ginger Beer No N/A
Homemade Snapple No N/A
Horse's Ass No N/A
IAS-Special Yes Highball glass
Jedi Mind Trick Yes Beer mug
Joe Blow Yes Old-fashioned glass
Kick yer Ass Sas Yes Mason jar
Lemonade No Highball glass
Lemonade #2 No Pitcher
Lemonsquash a la vermouth Yes N/A
Monkey Spanker Yes Beer mug
Mosstrooper No N/A
Mountain Dang No N/A
Nalgaa Yes Highball glass
Ogre Drink Yes Beer mug
Olsen Driver No Highball glass
Orange Flamingo No Highball glass
Pam's Root Beer Float Yes Beer mug
Pat No Beer mug
Pepper Slammer Yes Old-fashioned glass
Piggelin #2 Yes N/A
Pink Panther #2 Yes Cocktail glass
Pooh Bear Yes Whiskey sour glass
Queen Soda Yes Highball glass
Rum and Coke Yes Old-fashioned glass
Rum Coke Float Yes Hurricane glass
Schmooze No Highball glass
Sever St. Special Yes Collins glass
Skane-i-fier Yes Whiskey sour glass
Smurf Yes Highball glass
Soft Serbian Yes Highball glass
St. Clement's No Highball glass
St. Squiggle's Divorce No Beer mug
Strawberry Surprise Yes Hurricane glass
Sweetie Yes N/A
Thames Water No Pint glass
The Kruzewski No Coffee mug
The Mad Hungarian Yes Beer pilsner
Tweaked Yes Highball glass
Vanilla Coke Yes Collins glass
Vanilla Vargas Yes Highball glass
Warped Thursday Yes N/A
White Trash Yes Cocktail glass
Winky Yes N/A
Yukon Dew Me Yes Mason jar
Zambeer Yes N/A
Zinger Yes Highball glass
Zoksel Yes Beer pilsner